Why sex bores many zim , African women

Why sex bores many zim , African women


A survey carried out by this writer revealed something that really shocked me and will shock most men too. Most girls (55% – 65% in Africa) prefer rough sex.

Now I am aware that most men these days are sissys and only wear trousers for show. They will penetrate a woman and then suddenly they can’t handle it. And yet the poor girl wants to get spiked hard and rough and for a long time. Turns out that when most men oblige, they stop after a few seconds and when she has almost reached that place, leaving her more hungry for it and frustrated than when the whole game began.

Only a skilled lover would know how to change the pace when they feel that it is too much and they are about to (you know what). In other instances they would stop suddenly for one second or two (enough to make the urge to spill everything go away) and then continue at the same rough and fast pace.

For some girls that is not enough. They want their hair pulled, their legs widened roughly and the man plunging in like he has not been with a woman for some decades. Slap them around gently, pinch and do all kinds of stuff. A woman wants to feel that they are totally under the control of their man who is dangerous although they love them. Thye want to feel that you are a real man and not a male species in trousers who should really be a female species.

My advice to men is to take their time and indeed go out of their way to discover what their woman wants. The hint I have given you here is important, the vast majority of women love it hard and rough. Remember that.