Things That Attract Women No Matter What


Forget the pickup lines
Yes, science went as far as to study those cheesy pickup lines as well. And you know what? They don’t work! Like, at all. Around 90% of women find pickup lines incredibly hilarious or downright annoying. What women do like is when men approach them in a simple, direct manner without all that unnatural stiffness of rehearsed lines. A simple ‘hello’ will get you much further than any of those words!

Wear a ring
As weird as it may sound, women are more attracted to guys that are already taken. During an experiment 56% of women admitted they would date a guy that was shown to them, but the number rose to 90% after they were told he already had a partner. This happens because women have actual proof that the man has some good qualities, making them curious as to what they are. So if you want to attract women – try wearing a ring!

Feed her
There’s a reason why we often choose restaurants as our dating ground. Sharing food is one of those experiences that immediately bring people closer to each other. Even strangers develop warm feelings towards one another when they share a pizza or a bag of popcorn! The Frontiers in Psychology journal published a study on ‘food for love’ that revealed women are just as dependent on food offerings as are men. This behavioral pattern goes back to the days of child-parent relationships. So if you want to get closer to her, don’t hesitate to take her to your favorite restaurant!